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Founded in 2002, NeoGroupe produces software applications for radio and television broadcasters as well as SMBs.

Intuitive functions merged with state-of-the art technologies help us provide efficient tools for companies that want to enhance the work flows in between employees.

The company develops standard and tailor-made solutions based around its extensive media work flow experience and boasts a variety of customers ranging from high-profile talk shows to major public organizations worldwide.

Our range of products is database oriented, maximizing the data sharing possibilities in between your teams.

Applications include contest management, call screening, SMS/website audience interaction, budget, purchasing and hardware inventory solutions.

Our developments and services are driven by the following principles:

  • Ease of use.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Multilingual. We ensure that our products are not available only in English, so that the users can operate them in their mother-tongue. Translations are performed by professionals who translate to their own language.
  • Usefully features. Our products contain the functions that you ask and help your business earn some time, and your teams work together. Customization is also possible and is usually performed quickly, upon user's requests.
  • Extensively tested software.

Furthermore, we keep our teams as small as possible for the following reasons :

  • The time needed by the quality assurance process is reduced.
  • Good ideas are better developed amongst a few professionals only. We tend to assign only one single developer per application.
  • Developments cycles are shorter.

For more information on our methods, please read our Custom Developments section.

NeoGroupe is a member of Syntec and of the Agency for Program Protection Association.

This site is a registered work with A.P.P. under number IDDN.FR.001.510006.000.S.P.2011.000.42000.

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