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  • Full lines control (off hook, hold,drop, locked, on-air, busy all lines )
  • Full lines monitoring (ringing, on hold, on air, « screened », call duration, number of calls during session)
  • Chat text conversation between workstations (screener/talent)
  • Designed for touch screens
  • Dual telephony system attachment avaible for redundancy.


NeoScreener can be used in various situations:

  • Standalone Presenter/ Producer (joint with a NeoWinners database) using automatic identification of known winners: This mode is an assistance to production with a single screen. Usually no call topics are entered by users in this mode. Fits musical radio stations/programs.
  • Talk Shows with a majority of incoming calls:
    • Topic entry upon call receiving, then display on an identical screen for the Talent or on a specialised screen with a clear view of on-air/on hold calls.
    • Calls priorities are avaible to the producer/ operator and can be re-ordered.
    • Call can be screened and called back at a later time or can be cued immediately to the Talent screen.
  • Morning shows with a majority of outgoing calls:
    • Number cueing for the Talent with single-touch callback.
    • «Single touch» features allowing the presenter to put on-air/hold /drop all lines with a single click (touch screen)


  • Caller identification (CLID)
  • Automatic rejection of unwanted calls (blacklisted numbers)
  • Automatic transfer of unwanted calls.
  • Rejection / Automatic transfer of hidden calls
  • Automatic presentation from the first ring of calling number, name, city, number of calls, blocked state, number of wins.
  • Single click access to incoming calls history even without picking up the line, while it rings in.
  • Automatic addition of calls to contacts.
  • Single click line pick up and cal l card display.
  • Immediate positioning on call topic.
  • Single click screening and call cueing (or by pressing enter on call card).
  • Single click call card saving without cueing (or by pressing escape).
  • Single click callback from the call card (in case a line dropped). Positioning on the same call card record in the database.
  • Automatic pre -filling of call card with last known data for that number (first name, name, city, zip code,...)
  • Automatic Zip code & city lookup.
  • Possibility to enter call caracteristics (for instance a song request).
  • Call card printing (paper / pdf / email / word / excel).
  • Possibility to change calls priorities on calls already cued / presented to the talent.
  • Display of priorities / subject / name /city on the main screener screen.
  • Option to ignore a specific incoming call number.
  • Automatic character addition / withdrawal to the incoming CLID (to reformat to usually dialed numbers)
  • Possibility to blacklist some incoming calls.


  • Fast dial (manual, recent calls, pre -recorded
  • « hotkeys » numbers) with number format checking.
  • Format available per country.
  • Opportunity to prepare a call without placing (for a later single touch calling).
  • Line selection for dial.
  • Address book of 87 pre -recorded « hotkey » numbers under customizable buttons.


  • Telos Nx12, Nx6, series and VX, UP TO 24 LINES
  • Caller ID on analog lines (Nx series).
  • Client / server version (for DSL or low debit link).
  • Automatic screen / display updates in case software has to be restarted.


  • Contact card management (Address, «was onair», « blacklisted », smiley, history, call topic,call direction: incoming/outgoing). Columns can be shifted / resized.
  • Filters are available on call type, dates range,first name and keywords contained in topic.
  • Last filter is saved and restored when window is re-opened.
  • Searches are available on the filtered calls list by any of the displayed fields.
  • Single button redial.
  • Export from calls list to Excel and Word
  • Deletion of calls without topic
  • Backups / Reports


  • Wins and preselections recognition
  • Direct access to winner card on CLID
  • Preselected callback
  • Direct winner assignment to a contest


  • Possibility to have a mixed ISDN and analog lines, setup, either connected directly or through a PABX.
  • First line avaible for callback.
  • Number of lines displayed in the interface.
  • Outside line prefix (non visible when numbering)
  • Automatic hang-up of forbidden calls
  • Display the show choice button (Telos 2101)
  • Split show mode (Telos 2x12)
  • Ms delay to insert in between two dialed digits
  • Ms to insert after line take
  • Show « drop » button on every line
  • Rename « VIP » button » in « hold »
  • Dual link to Telos systems with naming of the system on welcome screen.
  • Attachement to Desktop Directors or as a DD (no DD needed)
  • Country and language of the software
  • Display only mode
  • Enforce UPPERCASE
  • Clear comments when line is dropped
  • Large button press dial back last numbers
  • Display phonebook instead of « call » button
  • Automatic lock on ON AIR button press
  • Display the « dump » button
  • « Dump » button also hangs up the active call.
  • Talent screen display settings: Height / font size and call progress bar
  • "Chat" text entry for talent side
  • Send XML to URL when call is On-air
  • New call card notification
  • Locking of the columns in the Talent screen
  • Dynamic enlargement of the font size in both the Talent and the Incoming messages screens (+/- buttons)
  • Callers having been On-air recently (less than X days) can be shown ringing in Red
  • Chat text messages can be time-stamped
  • "Ding on IM reception" can be enabled (for chat text messages)
  • Enlargement of the chat text entry box for more visibility at entry time.

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