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  • Transfer of web forms data to your NeoWinners / NeoScreener databases. HTML pages can be hosted by you or NeoGroupe
  • Push of your SMS data to your NeoWinners / NeoScreener databases (SMS originating from your usual SMS provider), if SMS are XML'ed by your provider to the NeoWinners Agent Service
  • Retrieval / push and purge of emails from individual show mailboxes to your NeoWinners / NeoScreener databases. Your email boxes are delivered in your NeoScreener/ NeoWinners
  • Creation of winners records and assignment to internet contests (in the NeoWinners database) with stock avail control and winner eligibility
  • Browse of your database shows list
  • Retrieval of future planned contests in your NeoWinners database
  • XML Service available for your radios on internet 24 / 7 with fail-over configuration ("failover ip") on dedicated NeoWinnersAgent servers. The servers are located on a 1 GB internet backbone
  • Service monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Service configuration for your entries / radios
  • Assistance for you or your providers for the set up of links towards your databases through the XML web service
  • Buffering and back-up of data in case your database is not reachable. The service will deliver this data again when your database becomes visible again.


  • XML Web Service under soap
  • Operates on Windows / Apache 1.3, 2.0, 2.2, Windows / IIS 5, 6, 7
  • Multi- radios
  • Delivery includes simple installation program and HTML ewample pages
  • Operates on any NeoWinners or NeoScreener database (HF, C/S, MySQL, MSSQL, etc...)
  • If your database is unreachable, we will store data in, the mean time for you
  • Service is hosted on a fail-over IP system and on two different sites, which are redundant



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