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  • Budgets by project or job
  • Detailed current budgets (budget/ authorized/ invoiced/ remaining/ updated) by year
  • Budget usage instant vision with list of all purchases assigned to budget, and list of lines remaining to order
  • Instant Budget totals
  • Fast budgets definition
  • Budget lines creation assistance (duplication and optional use of inventory lines)
  • Purchase requests creation from budget lines
  • Budgets can accept lines from several requesters
  • Budgets validation by management before use (partial validation possible)
  • Filtering of budgets list per year
  • Filtering of budget lines by requester



  • Customizable authorization cycle: creation, transmission to accountings, then to management and finally to CEO/ Final approver level if budget exceeded
  • HTML module available (PC/ Mac/ Tablets/ Smartphones, ...)
  • Filtering of purchase requests according to user and his rights
  • Filterign available by vendor/ date/ status/ requester/ addresses
  • Purchase requests creation with vendor proposals and detailed information on the purchase (final owner/ site/ vendor/ delays/ subject/ details, ...)
  • Email alerts system when a purchase request changes of status (to be warned that a request has been approved for example)
  • Budget assignment and optional analytic accounts assignment
  • Assignment to locations
  • Approval (partial or complete) or rejection are possible at any stage
  • Details request possible at any stage
  • Automatic transmission to upper approval level in case one of the budgets is exceeded
  • Instant display of assigned budgets state allowing decision making (with budget amount before/ after PR)
  • Received invoice tracking
  • Cancellation of an approved purchase request with budgets restoring
  • Recycling of a rejected or cancelled purchase request
  • Automatic purchase order generation from PR entered data
  • Single data entry: information is only entered once from purchase request, to order and then to hardware assets tracking and/ or administrative documents
  • Automatic transfer of ordered items into the hardware inventory (with record creation)
  • The purchases request processing time has been reduced on some installations from 3 weeks to 1.5 days in average



  • Automatic transfer of ordered items in the hardware inventory
  • Record creation upon scan of an unknown barcode
  • Manual record creation with default fields values (only description entry)
  • Record duplication (with serial numbers entry or barcode scan only)
  • Filtering or items on many criteria, including some history event type over a period: Site/ Location/ Owner/ Brand/ Vendor etc.
  • Searches available on any field of the selection results
  • Subsets management (barcodes on each of the elements). A machine can be composed of several elements. Adding by single scan.
  • Serialized items management
  • Independant barcode labels printing (NeoStock can also be used with pre-printed labels, NBS printed labels or both)
  • More than 120 fields Finance/ Accountings/ Technical/ loans/ rentals/ documents/ etc.
  • History of changes and events on each item
  • Each item can have attached documents. Documents (invoice, config files, manuals, ...) can be attached or scanned directly within NBS
  • Cascaded changes on the components of an item/ machine
  • Notifications by email
  • Management of holders/ owners/ categories/ brands/ locations/ vendors/ state/ history types
  • Stock valuation (total of values)
  • Barcodes printing on items list or on single item records with logo and serial
  • "Machine" record report containing all components
  • Automatic history on designated fields value changes
  • Mass changer on items selection lists
  • INVENTORY by site/ location without preparation, by Bluetooth barcode reader

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