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NeoScreener for Telos VX and IQ6

NeoScreener, the reference call screener solution for Broadcasters is now available for TELOS VX AND IQ6.

The all-new Telos VX system handles VOIP / SIP calls up to 80 simultaneous lines and iQ6 is the Telco gateway for Axia's new iQ console. "iQ6 works with POTS or ISDN phone lines, and comes equipped with two 3rd-generation Telos hybrids with Digital Dynamic EQ; the same advanced hybrids found in our Nx phone systems." says Telos.

With its clear-designed fuctions, NeoScreener adapts to this new technology, bringing the same ease of use that has made its reputation to the new boxes from Telos. If you are looking for modern technologies (VOIP / real RDBMS) combined with the legendary ease of use of NeoScreener, then ask us for a demonstration and see for yourself why NeoScreener has been selected above others by major players in the Talkers business.

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