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NEOWINNERS manages promotions, contests and winners in Radio stations.

Main screen Fastprize assignment Parameters Manual scheduling on air mode guest list

It is a very complete and efficient software application. Go paperless with a central database, enhance the organization of the daily work of your teams. Clear and easy to use, it streamlines the processing of your On Air, Online and Onground promotions.

From scheduling, through the tracking of winners and entrants, the details of prizes and inventory, to the front desk deliveries and guest lists generation, NeoWinners saves you time.
All this is available in 10 languages, multi-stations and much, much more!

For more details, check out the numerous NeoWinners Features!

Some of the NeoWinners functions

  • Reports/ Guest lists;
  • Powerful scheduling/ unscheduling;
  • Contest fulfilment tracking;
  • Easy winner searches;
  • Rules for duplicate records;
  • Clear screen for On Air operations;
  • Optional smartphone application;
  • Identify recurring winners;
  • Real time stock;
  • Modifications tracking




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