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is a call screening software application which fits Talk-shows, music radios, morning shows, and handles caller ID.

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NeoScreener is a call management solution that interfaces Telos NX12, NX6, IQ6, VX, HX6 systems, allowing for line control and database lookup using caller ID. The solution also adds the "magic" touch in recognizing your callers, and can interface to NeoWinners which is NeoGroupe's contest management software. It is designed for radio and television stations that need to manage their flow of incoming phone calls.

It also handles external inputs (SMS, Website, iPhone...). Database driven, it greatly enhances the workflow regarding phone calls. With NeoScreener, Call screeners can easily welcome calls and present them to the Talent on a specific display.


NeoScreener features explain that this solution is used by a wide range of stations from major Talk Shows in New York (Howard Stern Show, Elvis Duran, Glenn Beck, Luis Jimenez, WOR, CBS NY...) to Public Radio (Radio France, RTBF, YLE...) and music stations wordlwide from Malaysia to the USA.

Indeed NeoScreener presents several operational modes which are:

  • Standalone Presenter/Producer (joint with a NeoWinners Database) using automatic identification of known winners. This mode is an assistance to production with a single screen. Usually no call topics are entered by users in this mode. This fits musical radio stations/programs.
  • Talk Shows with a majority of incoming calls
  • Topic entry upon call receiving,, then display on an identical screen for the Talent or on a specialised screen with a clear view of on-air/on-hold calls
  • Calls priorities are available to the producer/operator and can be re-ordered
  • Calls can be screened and called back at a later time or can be cued immediately to the Talent screen
  • Morning shows with a majority of outgoing calls
  • Number cueing for the Talent with single-touch callback
  • "Single touch" features allowing the presenter to put on-air/hold/drop all lines with a single click (touch screen)

But not only that, it can also handle all of your external audience inputs, such as SMS, website, iPhone apps, Facebook, making the logging and processing a breeze. NeoScreener can even publish to third party applications such as TV playout systems or websites.

Furthermore, as a major enhancement, NeoScreener is now available with support to Telos VX and unique VOIP capabilities to remain the reference in call management solutions. It is the call screening version with full caller ID.

NeoGroupe has also developed NeoScreener TV which is the latest release of this renowed solution. The application allows SMS captions on your TV broadcast and is used by the major talk-shows: NeoScreener TV is therefore the real time text to Screen.


NeoScreener is the Industry-Reference Call Management solution.

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NeoScreener Client Quotes

"NeoScreener is just fantastic! You no longer do you have to worry about the phone. The solution is super convenient and makes life easier! It is perfectly linked with NeoWinners which offers a global view of the contests and prizes schedules. Even new talents have no trouble mastering the application."

Fabien, Talent and Technical assistant for NRJ & Nostalgie Brussels.