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for Tablets & Smartphones

Add a Mobile Touch to your On-Air Phones Operation

NeoScreener is a set of applications that allows Live Talk Shows to handle efficiently the flow of incoming phone calls.

Download NeoScreener Smart for Androïd here. You need a specific license for this package to run on your existing NeoScreener installation.


Following numerous requests, we designed NeoScreenerSmart, an iOS / Androïd application that runs on Tablets and that gives full lines control to your Hosts, where ever they are.


Imagine your Show is on a remote today, simply take a Tablet with NeoScreenerSmart and let your Hosts put calls to Air themselves.

The phones screening part keeps happening at the Station, and everything screeners type appears on the Tablet(s) giving full hands-on access to airing callers, dropping them and even chatting with the show team. It really brings live interaction with your callers.

All the original NeoScreener functionalities have been ported to NeoScreenerSmart. For example, Hosts only see the screened calls, and are not disturbed by the rest of the lines.


Alternatively, if you only wish to have a nice looking device, or a calls control that you can move around the studio, NeoScreenerSmart can also be used as a standalone lines control device.

It will show recognized callers name & city, even on self-operated shows, and lets you take any line to air, hold, conference or drop


The NeoScreener software suite interfaces to major industry Telephony systems (Telos, AEQ..) and has numerous features to welcome, filter, screen and present calls to the Hosts in the studio. With a history of reliability, NeoScreener has made its way to major Talk Shows, Sports Talk stations and even Television stations with Politics and Open Phones shows, because it really eases daily calls processing.

It has become a must for those users, as NeoScreener eliminates the need for talkback audio systems, makes all information regarding calls instantly visible to anyone involved in the show, and also recognizes the callers based on their caller ID and history. After 10 years, some of our Clients databases hold over 1.5 million calls. A real source of information and a helper to keep in touch with the audience, for some.




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