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is a call screening software application which fits live TV Talk-shows by handling caller ID.

Dialer Screen NeoScreener TV through the TV teleprompter neoscreener studio TV

NeoScreener TV is the latest release of NeoScreener, the call management solution that interfaces Telos VX, HX6, NX12, NX6, IQ6 systems, allowing for line control and database lookup using caller ID. It is designed for television stations that need to manage their flow of incoming phone calls during live shows.


It also handles external inputs (SMS, Website, iPhone...). Database driven, it greatly enhances the workflow regarding phone calls.

With NeoScreener TV, Call screeners can easily welcome callers and present them to the Talent through a TV teleprompter during live shows.

This TV Teleprompter display (white & black, font resizable, clear text display) shows:

  • Current topic
  • Current screened lines (callers)
  • Line on-air
  • Time until next event
  • Total aired calls during shows
  • NeoScreener TV has all of the functionalities of NeoScreener.
  • In addition, it can also handle all of your external audience inputs, such as SMS, website, iPhone apps, Facebook, making the logging and processing a breeze.
  • NeoScreener TV can publish to third party applications such as your TV playout system or your website.

This application allows Twitter messages to be screened and sent as captions on your TV broadcast

NeoScreener TV: Real-time Text To Screen.


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NeoScreener Client Quotes

"I tell you, we couldn't do without it at this point."

Andrew Swank - IT director at CBS - WIP - Philadelphia, about NeoScreener - December 2015