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You would like your software solutions to be set up easily, in a fast and efficient way, and be profitable as quickly as possible ?

NeoGroupe offers the installation of its software solutions with power remote control by using the Team Viewer solution.

Indeed, we can offer to perform a remote installation on your systems from here. To achieve this, we would need a temporary access to your server and workstations through the TeamViewer software (Light client remote access software available @ http://www.neogroupe.com/neodownloads/other/TeamViewerQS_EN.exe). As our solutions are client/server applications they need the following communication between the server and the workstations (even through a public IP address if you plan to have workstations operating from a remote site) :

  • Port 4900 TCP (for HyperFile Service)
  • Port 6001 UDP (for Sentinel Keys Server)

So pending on your network, you will need to take the appropriate actions to let this traffic go through your network (router / firewall / vpns configurations eventually).

And finally, on a typical installation, we add our solutions shortcuts to the following workstations :

  • 1 on air computer per studio
  • 1 switchboard op
  • 1 promotions department computer
  • 1 reception desk computer

This procedure is effective and fast and optimizes furthermore the training time following the installation.

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Client quotes

" Thank you so much for all of your help in this! it is greatly appreciated from all of us at the Thom Hartmann Program"

Nathaniel Atwell
Producer and Video Director
Thom Hartmann Program