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You would like your software solutions to be set up easily, in a fast and efficient way, and be profitable as quickly as possible ?

NeoGroupe offers the installation of its software solutions with power remote control by using the Team Viewer solution.

Indeed, we can offer to perform a remote installation on your systems from here. To achieve this, we would need a temporary access to your server and workstations through the TeamViewer software (Light client remote access software available @ http://www.neogroupe.com/neodownloads/other/TeamViewerQS_EN.exe). As our solutions are client/server applications they need the following communication between the server and the workstations (even through a public IP address if you plan to have workstations operating from a remote site) :

  • Port 4900 TCP (for HyperFile Service)
  • Port 6001 UDP (for Sentinel Keys Server)

So pending on your network, you will need to take the appropriate actions to let this traffic go through your network (router / firewall / vpns configurations eventually).

And finally, on a typical installation, we add our solutions shortcuts to the following workstations :

  • 1 on air computer per studio
  • 1 switchboard op
  • 1 promotions department computer
  • 1 reception desk computer

This procedure is effective and fast and optimizes furthermore the training time following the installation.

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