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NeoGroupe provides expert development services for professional clients.

If your company has trouble finding a software product for organizing workflows, we can help by designing a database suited to your organization.

We then write applications for all needed platforms, getting your know-how and business value inside a database you own.

You are not tied to a vendor any longer and you can even have third parties writing applications with newer technologies as time passes."Integrated solutions are better developed from a database designed for the workflow of a client.” We use efficient development tools & methods.

As your experience may have shown, an application organizing operations is better developed from a database, rather than the other way around which is to start from specific screens.

Indeed, the design of the database actually models which tasks can be undertaken by any application using the database.

The advantage to develop applications from the database is that they are not platform-dependant. New applications can even be designed, seated on the original central DB, maximizing the added value you get from your data.

Hence, the "know how" of your workflows is formalized in the data structure and not into one specific application. This is an additional security for you, if you decide after some time to change of vendor regarding the applications, you still benefit from the Database structure and the inherent value you put in there.

After reviewing, we establish a pricing and a timetable for the project completion, which is usually including the following steps:

  • On site visit with all involved departments and users, in order to gather all requirements, wishes, remarks and small "details" that are usually omitted / unknown at specification time.
  • Database technology selection and application technology selection, according to your existing infrastructure & IT requirements.
  • On site database design, and project mock-up creation.
  • Review & acceptance of mock-up, database presentation.
  • Development of applications at NeoGroupe, together with user manuals writing.
  • Back on site, application review and installation for User Acceptance Tests.
  • After UAT is signed, application deployment.
  • User Manuals finalizing and Client employees trainings.
  • (option) Client employee training on the development tool and on application maintenance.
  • Extended on site presence after system has been set in production.

We have a strong experience in:

  • Scheduling (with bookings).
  • User simplicity.
  • Teams workflow enhancement (reducing information transmission and processing times amongst teams in different locations).
  • Database security (both in user accounts and in physical security / replication).
  • Database response times.
  • Databases types:
    • HyperFile
    • MSSQL
    • mySQ
    • Oracle
  • Database replications.
  • Database design for a particular activity.
  • Notifications(by email/sms) to parties involved in the course of the handling of an item (booking / purchase request / etc..).
  • Multi user / rights management.
  • Remote access / multi-applicationtype accesses to a central database.
  • Approvals processing in the handling of an item.
  • Historical data recording of all operations on the items.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance (our deployment methods let us install products to 9 entities of the same group in just 12 days, trainings included).
NeoGroupe's methods: our products are developed according to these specifications:
  • Command-line switches standardization.
  • All table columns are indexes
  • unique INT identifier
  • Table descriptions are SQL compliant (no arrays)
  • We ensure database integrity by making use of Foreign keys
  • Developments are tracked in a status file. NeoGroupe maintains development status files for each project which include versioning information. This is used to track which modifications have been implemented and at what date.
  • Requests / Discrepancies are tracked in a specific follow-up tool
  • Using Windev, we can produce 32 bits / 64 bits windows apps, or Linux 32/ 64 apps or even Java archives. We can also produce windows services, webservices and linux daemons.
  • Applications run on any window 32/64 bits system (including Windows 7)
  • Applications can be multilingual. We can provide a multilingual translation utility.
  • We do not do "branching": we always maintain only one version for each product that can be installed with a single executable package to any existing installation
  • Database revisions are systematically included in the installation packages from V1 (HyperFile). They must be applied manually on MSSQL, Oracle databases.
  • Executables will refuse to run on databases which are not in the expected format (in order to avoid database corruption). If an executable tries to access one table which is not in the format that the executable has been written for, then the application will terminate with a specific error in order to protect data.
  • Common framework
  • Development team is limited to one main coder, eventually assisted by another one for peripheral tasks such as reports writing, existing data import. We do not believe in team development because the team coordination usually results in high efficiency and quality losses.
  • 10 years of experience in the Broadcast industry.

  • More than 200 major radio and TV stations trusting our solutions around the world, including public national radios. More than 3000 daily users in 20 countries.

  • Flexibility allowing us to customize our products in order to fit our clients needs.

  • Products reliability and simplicity.

  • A real database development experience, allowing our custom applications division to create a database around a media operation.

The entire software development is performed using PCSoft’s WinDev, WebDev and Windev mobile products. This lets us have a real development speed, up to 10 times faster than with other tools.

Thanks to this, we achieve consistency across all our products (in terms of support, documentation, database revisions, translations, etc..). This consistency benefits our support and our users, as we notice a low occupation level of our technical support.

There are several ways of transferring the database and application’s technology.

As usually these applications are mission-critical for the Client, here are the various options to secure and develop such an application :

  • Source Code availability to the Client, with right to market the product. Author rights transfer.
  • Source code available to Client, with no right to market the resulting product. No author rights transfer (commitment not to transform the product as a commercial product, and usage reserved to its own use and this of its subsidiaries).
  • Availability of source code through a third party in case NeoGroupe disappears, no right for NeoGroupe to market the resulting product.
  • Availability of source code through a third party in case NeoGroupe disappears, right for NeoGroupe to market the product to other media companies.
  • Optional : Training of an Client person to support the source code and product, which represents fully training a developer.

NeoGroupe delivers the project's full development documentation, including database structures, all objects description in the form of a PDF file. Code is written with Windev, and exists as an English language as well as a French language tool. Purchase of a Windev development tool package is thus mandatory to reuse the source code.

NeoGroupe database design example

  • One application to handle classified ads and decease notices spoken out on air, including ordering, scheduling, invoicing, payment and such. Executable only.

  • One application to handle audio production processing in a multi-free-lance producers situation. Executable, xml web service and html.

  • One application to handle budgets, purchasing and inventory across 50 employees and 4 sites. Executable, windows service & html.

Interested ?

For information on custom applications development please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or dial +33 9 72 23 62 03.

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